Part 2: International Adoption from Russia, Success Story

Bringing Baby Dillon Home from Russia: On Wednesday we met John and Arina Kirk who finished all their paperwork and adopted internationally in under a year!

Those final few weeks of waiting to take their son home were excruciating. Arina remembered, “Eight weeks later, we went back to St. Petersburg for our court trip and heard our 18-month little boy laugh for the first time the day before we went to court. We brought him home on April 16, when he was 22 months old.”

Arina spent the first month he was home wearing Dillon in an Ergo. “He was still eating baby food in the orphanage, and we had to teach him to eat solids of different textures. He then ate like a high school football player for a few months and he grew 4 inches –  from the 10th to the 50th percentile in height for his age. Things are normal now, and he’s a very adventurous eater.”

As most adoptive parents will attest, there were many adoption roadblocks that made this savvy couple take note with the international process, and they began discussing how to improve the experience for other couples. “Like most couples, we followed instructions without understanding what was really happening. We chose our agency because they have a wonderful reputation and a proven track record, but at the same time we had heaps of paperwork ripe for miscommunication.

“We collected letters from our employers, from the police department, and from a psychiatrist, all to verify our responsibility and ability to parent. This was difficult, and we went back to each of these entities multiple times to fully understand the process.”

John Kirk has a deep background in sales and technology. Arina said, “When we realized that our excellent adoption experience could be improved with technology to facilitate document completion and keep families apprised of status changes, we started exploring the idea. It seemed so clear and logical to us that we knew we were onto something.”

Today, the happy new family has founded on online adoption service software which aids adoptive families with attorneys, home study agencies and adoption training organizations.

Thanks to this happy adopted family (all photographed on the right) for starting our December off right! Tell me your adoption story too.

Photo: John, Arina and Dillon

Update: Arina and John Kirk asked that we remove the full price of their Russian adoption.

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  1. by Mary

    On December 6, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    Stories like this make me roll my eyes. The price of their International Adoption was removed from the article because, how embarrassing is it to realise that they’ve essentially just gone and purchased a baby? In the previous article it was noted the Guatemala closed their adoptions, did they stop to wonder why? Adoption is a big business and oh, I’m so happy to see that this happy couple can now make their own money off the process as well.

    Bless that poor child.

  2. by Kat

    On November 7, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    Well you’re a happy one, aren’t you Mary?
    I see it as their trying to help adoptive parents out, and trust me, we could use any help we could get. Yes, they are making money, they have to, they have bills too. It’s helpful and that’s great, tit for tat right? You have to give something to get something.
    And about “buying your baby”, those are expenses. There are so many people you have to go to, so many fees on paperwork that it adds up. Paying to travel, paying to get a passport, paying the agency to do their job is incredibly different than getting a baby and handing over a wad of cashing saying “here you go!”.