Happy Thanksgiving to Foster Kids and Adoptees

The older I get, the more I put my heart out on my sleeve. Motherhood mellows me.

Perhaps the love of a steady and loyal husband and one very happy and healthy biological boy help me believe in the essence of goodness this year. But this is the last Thanksgiving we will sit three around my table. We will adopt a daughter this year, either internationally from India if we can save that last $15,000 in the middle of this godawful recession. Or this is the year we finish our 24 hours of advanced foster family training and begin the foster process to adopt locally from the Country of Los Angeles.

Of course, this year we are not just three at our holiday table, either. We have friends joining us too. And we are still planning on adopting a new dog because our family gets better and better when we open our hearts to others in need.

These are other things I am especially thankful for this year:

  • I am thankful to my amazing girlfriends who cannot have children around their own tables this year, and they come to mine to help my son play and cook, make puzzles and help mend their broken hearts.
  • I am thankful that my husband (who was so sick for a very long time) is feeling so much better that he has a glimmer of mischief in his pretty blue eyes this year.
  • I am thankful to meet organizations who match expectant parents (like us) with poor neglected kids who need a mom and a dad. Hurry!
  • I am thankful to dog rescue organizations who speak out for the voiceless. We are going to adopt a pretty new female dog this year too.
  • I am thankful that my mom’s cancer tests are coming back negative, one by one!
  • I am thankful that my soon-to-be six-year old son wants a little sister because he wants to share all his toys. Sam realizes just how he is blessed and he wants to share. That shows me we’re doing something fantastic when it comes to raising Sam.

Finally, I am thankful to the readers of The Adoption Diaries. You have a responsibility to shout out the benefits of adoption, so tell your story here!





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