Your Baby on the Cover of “American Baby” Magazine 

Please enter our fantastic competition for a child cover model for sister publication for American Baby Magazine. It’s tough to be a supermodel like my son Sam, shown here on the right. But why not your kid?

Recently, Maggie reached out to me to tell me she was in touch with her daughter, a child she had placed for adoption at birth.  Maggie was only 16 at the time, but received emotional support from her parents that helped me make courageous decisions. Maggie, 37, from Fleming Island, Florida, said, “ I did think about my daughter everyday. My family was able to see her at the agency before she was adopted and we took a lot of pictures. I had them in an album. The photos were very comforting when I would feel guilty or doubt my decision.”

Maggie eventually came to terms with her decision. She is now a married mother of four. She is also very involved with her first daughter’s adoptive family. She says, “Her parents have welcomed my whole family into theirs and we have done the same to them. We visit each other several times a year, text daily and talk as often as our crazy schedules allow.”

Maggie says, “I thank them for raising her as I could have only imagined in my wildest dreams. They are a beautiful family. I do not for one minute regret my decision to place her for adoption. Being a part of my daughter’s life now is so fulfilling.”

And courageous Maggie ends with, “I love what you are doing with your ongoing story, Nicole.”

Thank you back, Maggie. I think it’s loving and harmonious that both families communicate regularly. I’d love to hear from other well-adjusted adoptive families out there!

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