Celebrating International Adoption Month

national adoption monthNovember is International (and National) Adoption Month. How will you celebrate? 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is pleased to provide information for parents and prospective parents on preventing lead poisoning in children who are adopted from outside the United States. Many, many children adopted from overseas may have been exposed to lead in their birth countries.

This information is so important when you’re thinking about adopting internationally and from poverty-stricken countries, which might house orphans in older buildings:

  • Parents of children adopted within the last 3 months
  • Parents now going through the adoption process
  • All future prospective adoptive parents

Something else to consider and read up about regarding international adoptions: malnutrition. It pays to do your adoption homework! The information on the CDC’s website explains about lead poisoning prevention and international adoption.  This information includes a fact sheet, health education eCard, and key prevention messages that all parents should know about.

Also, to celebrate International Adoption Month, as well as National Adoption Month, I’d love all readers of  ”The Adoption Diaries” to enter their young one into the American Baby Magazine’s baby cover contest. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see an adopted or foster child winning the baby cover contest? I urge you to read all about it, and then enter your wee one!

I will be finding ways to celebrate adoption all month long, and the best way to do that (for me) is to find success stories about adoption and share them all with you… stay tuned!

A quick adoption update for me: Darrin and I have narrowed down an international agency where we can begin processing an international adoption of a daughter in India — she will likely be at least three years old. However, we have to plunk down an initial $15,000 to begin the process, and we don’t have that yet!

Nationally, Husband Darrin and I are officially signed up for 24 hours of foster training to begin in Los Angeles Country beginning in January. I’ll keep you posted!


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