Happy Halloween Update on Newborn Twin Boys

Last month, I profiled Courtney and Patrick, both 36, a courageous and infertile couple who tried for a decade to get pregnant. They subsequently went through foster care training and, after several months, were elated when two boys were placed in their home for fostering. At the time, the couple felt strongly that the birth mother who gave up rights would allow them to adopt her newborn twins.

Good news! The adoption of these twin boys will be finalized on November 19! If you recall, the tiny twins were born last winter and were placed with this unprepared couple wrapped in towels (right from the hospital!) and delivered on a snowy night when they were just days old! Husband Patrick remembers the day vividly now that the happy ending is near:

“While we were waiting, we didn’t leave the house, we didn’t even really talk to each other, we just sat there waiting for the doorbell to ring. Of course, they didn’t actually come until around 10 p.m. that evening — so it was a long day! Jack was so tiny, 4 pounds, 13 ounces, that he came to us wrapped in just a blanket. Jake at least had a onesie on!”

When the legal adoption is finally complete, the couple will have had the boys for 11 months. Patrick says now, “Those first few months were an absolute roller coaster of emotion. On one hand, all our dreams had seemingly come true and we’re happier than we’ve ever been. On the other hand, we knew that until a judge signs off, there was no guarantee they would be ours. That’s something you try not to think about and just focus on those beautiful boys.”

As for the birth mom who placed them into foster care? Wife Courtney emails bio-mom pictures every 4-6 months. After the last batch, bio-mom replied that she’s glad the couple will adopt the boys because she knows they’ll be taken care of and she realizes she could not have provided for them.

Hurray for a happy ending! Tell me your adoption story to help inspire other parents.

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  1. by Alicia

    On January 7, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Hey i would like to adopt those twins and if u want to ask me anything just e-mail at kewannaanderson@facebook.com and ask for alicia or kewanna think you

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