Halloween Holidays for Foster Kids

IMG_0773My family is very lucky because we live in Studio City, a Hollywood-ish neighborhood that really celebrates outrageous costumed revelry. Every house just full-on decorates, wee ones waddle in too-long costumes for days before the big event where literally thousands of families come to call. Houses may have real coffins in the front yard with resident zombies and light shows for the grandparents. (If we care to go more risque, the gay We-Ho costume ball is rather fun, I hear!)

Halloween also started in our house at least a week ago — you too, right? My 5-year-old bio son Sam is in full Halloween regalia all month long. Of course this year (since we are considering a domestic adoption in the near future) I now begin to wonder about all the children in foster care programs, kids who may not have parents to bring them to well-decorated suburbs and make Blood Punch with the neighbors on All Hallow’s Eve.

I’d like to hear from some parents out there who celebrate Halloween with all of their children! What kind of rituals do you have? The first time a foster kid trick-or-treats with a real family who makes her costume, well, that must be pretty magical. And maybe more importantly, how can I make sure next year on Halloween there is one little foster daughter in my house, coloring pumpkins, dressing like a gypsy (to match her embarrassing mommy) and eating too many Skittles.

Maybe this year I will buy less chocolate and save $30 and give it to children in need of a little Halloween. I need help on this. How can we make Halloween beautiful for every child?

Send me your Comments below and I will respond.

Photo Credit: Me and Sam Straff, his first Halloween at nine months. I recycle the devil costume, as you can see below with dog Blu!

Adoption Shortcuts

IMG_3144I profiled a talented adoption expert in the private adoption field two weeks ago and Thea Ramirez helped me out so much explaining adoption shortcuts. The link I supplied then in her story did not work but I want to thank her again here. Thanks for your hard work in private adoption, Thea.

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