I Don’t Much Like Kids, Except My Own

I know,  funny statement coming from this prolific mom blogger but honestly, until the moment I became pregnant, I didn’t really understand or appreciate these little personalities, all innocence and sweetness in those first few months. One of the things that makes me a vocal mom blogger and advocate for adoption and foster care is that I have a million questions about the process, and I am extremely outspoken.

I am only an expert on one child, and he is mine, his name is Sam. I felt protective and filled to the brim with love  from the moment he latched onto my right breast (I remember that moment because it became his favorite boob for the next two years of breast-feeding). But just because I love babies — they almost smell better than puppies! — does not mean I like them very much or have become any kind of expert on kids. Far from it in fact.And the older Sam gets, he just turned 5, well, the less I sort of like him.

Five-year-olds can be cruel and overly opinionated. I liked him better at 2, quite honestly, when I was a goddess and could do no wrong.

I live in Los Angeles, and just joined the PTA here in Studio City since Sam entered kindergarten. And now I am surrounded by these 5-year-olds (and older kids who seem smellier and meaner somehow) and I can’t seem to like them any more than I did before… and now I actually have one. But here’s the point of the post about not liking kids very much.

Just because I don’t care for children doesn’t mean I don’t want them to enjoy every chance to excel in life. During Sam’s first week of school, LAUSD, the Los Angeles Dept of Education, cut every librarian’s salary and fired the majority. Suddenly, all of our kids cannot go to the library. No books to help them with homework, reports and reading.

So now all of the parents in the PTA at Carpenter Charter in Studio City, Calif. have wholeheartedly pitched in and we volunteer up to three hours once or twice a week to keep the library open, check in/out books, help them search for books and basically be the librarian.

And who do you think is helping every Monday afternoon, surrounded by pushy, smelly, nosy mean kids? Yes, that would be me! Call me librarian Nicole. Me, and about 50 kids per hour. Last night I came home and guzzled two glasses of vino at because I was so happy to be out of there.

I still don’t much like children, except my own. But I think every kid in every city deserves an hour or two in the library each week. Do you?

If you like kids more than me (and nearly everyone does), write me a story about your adoption or foster child.

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