Part 2: Birth Mother Chooses New Parents in Open Adoption

On Monday, Kristin Metzger was courageous enough to tell her story about getting pregnant at 19 in Maryland. This post is about how Kristin, from among so many worthy families, chose exactly which married couple would parent her newborn daughter.

Kristin, now 30, keenly remembers getting pregnant at 19 and how many momentous decisions she suddenly had to make. In today’s post she explains the gut-renting choice to place her newborn for adoption. In Wednesday’s post Kristin will explain why she chose one specific family (great insider advice from a birth mom) and also why they opted for an open adoption.

 “This is one of the most traumatic experiences a woman can go through, and last-minute changes of heart happen all the time. The adoption agencies have a responsibility to counsel the potential adoptive parents about this very real possibility.”

Kristin said, “So many parents at the agency I eventually chose seemed to be loving, compassionate people, but one family stood out. I wanted to meet them, so we met for the first time over breakfast. They had two biological children already, but had always wanted to adopt one day. It was all very surreal, but I knew right away that they were the perfect fit and would be able to give my daughter the life I could not.”

The clincher for Kristin was the family agreed on an open adoption. “They supported the idea of an open adoption, where there is some level of contact. When I was in the hospital ready to deliver, because she was so supportive, I invited the adoptive mother into the labor and delivery room. It was very emotional.”

Kristin is happy to have given her daughter the chance of a safe and secure home life, with a mother and father who could provide financially and emotionally. Kristin said her daughter is now 10. “She is a wonderful child whose many talents are supported and applauded by her adoptive family. She has seen more countries than I, speaks two languages, has two sisters who adore her and the wisdom of her parents has shaped her life brightly.

“Her adoptive family has raised her to understand that she is adopted. There is no regret in knowing that she is, above all, loved and cared for.”

Kristin is glad to sustain contact with the whole family. “It gives me great comfort to know where our daughter is, how she is doing. I know that as she gets older she may have questions for me that might be tough to swallow, but I will face that time when it comes the best way I can and pray that she will understand.”

Thanks for being so open and honest Kristin. Tell me your story here!

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