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The Parents Perspective

Parents editors cover the topics that you are talking about, the stories making headlines today and the issues that matter most to you as parents.

Parents News Now

Holly Lebowitz Rossi, a veteran journalist and new mom, brings you the latest headlines on child health, celebrity parents, parenting trends, and parents in the news.


The staff of Parents and American Baby magazines on what moms and dads must see, must do, must have, and must read right now.

Red-Hot Parenting

Richard Rende, an associate professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown Medical School, deciphers the latest child health and development studies.

The Thrifty Frugal Mom

Lydia Beiler, a faithful couponer and mom to two kids, shares the latest money-saving offers from popular retailers and the best cost-cutting tips.

Everything Pregnancy

Patty Adams Martinez keeps you in-the-know about celebrity baby bumps, hot maternity fashion, crazy pregnancy trends, and more. Pregnancy has never been this much fun!

In Name Only

Lisa Milbrand, a freelance writer and mom of two girls, reports on baby name trends, celebrity baby names, and more. Check in with her each week for the latest scoop.

All About Babies

Erika Rasmusson Janes offers her perspective on the latest celebrity baby news, studies on babies' health and development, and all the headlines that affect your little one.

The Scoop on Food

Elisa Zied, a registered dietitian, explains the latest news, trends, and studies about kids' nutrition, food, and how to feed your family in a healthy way.

To The Max

Ellen Seidman, a writer and magazine editor, blogs about life with Max, her son with special needs--and special powers.

Mom Must Read

Kristen Kemp -- author, magazine writer, and literary critic -- speed reads the latest releases so you don't have to.

Baby Bloopers

Laugh along with our readers' most hilarious moments in parenting. Find funny kid videos and the quirkiest kid quotes -- all submitted by parents like you.

Everyday Fun

Amanda Kingloff--crafter, blogger, stylist, and contributor to FamilyFun and Parents--offers fun activities and crafts for parents and kids.

Fearless Feisty Mama

Jill Cordes, a TV personality and avid traveler, shares her sharp, no-holds-barred honesty and humor about raising a toddler and a new baby.

The Dadabase

Nick Shell, a loving father, husband, and committed Christian shares his journey along the humorous and sometimes nerve-wracking road of fatherhood.

The Homeschool Den

Liesl Den, a homeschooling mom to three elementary school-age children, shares creative projects, activities and lesson plans for a variety of core subjects.

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