Baby Name Poll Results

We're expecting a new baby! We already have two sons, Isaac Joseph and Silas Robin. Our last name has 3 syllables and starts with a D, if that helps any. We do not yet know the gender of this new one on the way, but have the name Naomi Sarah in mind for a girl. We intend to keep to our tradition of choosing the first name after an admirable Biblical character, and select the middle name from our family tree. For a boy, we're still selecting, torn between Abraham Henry and Ezekiel Henry. I really like the masculinity and solidness, yet soft fluidity, of the name Abraham, and wonder if Ezekiel, though nice, is getting a little 'syllable-y', especially since we have a longer last name. My husband however, seems to prefer Ezekiel, and our eldest seconds that (our youngest is firm on naming the baby 'Captain America.' He will be disappointed). What's the public consensus? What flows best both with itself and the names of our older sons?

Abraham Henry
Ezekiel Henry

Total number of votes: 11