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Looking for feedback on name for our baby girl - thanks in advance!
Which middle name sounds better
Okay, so my boyfriend and I can't decide on a name for if its a girl. If its a boy, we both decided that Liam Michael was perfect. I was thinking about the name he picked out, if it was a girl, and I really don't agree. (He picked Tiffany Lynn because that's the name his father wanted to name if he had a girl, which he didnt, instead had 4 boys.) I love the name Katrina Lynn. He doesnt like the name for some reason. Please help!! Also how do I tell him that I don't want to name the baby the name he picked out?
What name for my baby girl do you prefer?
We are deciding between the following boy names. Let us know which you would pick.
We are deciding between the following girls' names. Very similar but also so different.
After 3 boys we are finally getting our girl! Yes I love Friends, No it's not the reason why ;)
We're having a girl! We can't decide on girl names but these five are our favorites! Please help us decide! Thank you!
Which name do you like best?
Which name do you prefer?
Which name do you like ?
Which baby girl name do you like best?
Which name do you like the best for a girl?