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Which name do you like best for a baby girl? The last name will be Jimenez
My husband and I are debating two first names: Henry and Sam. We like old fashioned names and would like a name that goes with our son's name, which is Jack. The middle names are family names. I am more so interested in which first name is better.
Still stuck on boy names. Mix of family names and personal favorites. Last name is Burke, middle name is Sawyer. Thanks!
Help me pick a name!! :)
Which baby girl names are prettiest and most unique.
Would like a unique name for my daughter. Which name do you like best?
will join Lexie Carson,16, Augie Zachary, 14, Jada Marie, 13, Chloe Daphne, 8, and Tyler Luke,2. Trying something different than the others, thx for all the help, sandie jo
Will join Kya, Nya, Flo, and Meg. Thanks, Sammy and Ty
Which is better for baby boy
Should i name my daughter.....
I'm Brendon James Metcalfe. Should I continue the trend and name my son after me or give him his own name? Also looking for which name sounds/looks better.
We can't decide which name we like best for our little GIRL due in October. Help!!!
Cannot decide on a middle name for baby boy Jensen (last name Prosser). Any suggestions are also welcome.
My husband and I can't decide on a name. This will be our 1st child, he's a baby boy and we're definitely using Walker as the middle name (it's my husband's father's middle name). Our last name is Hart, not sure if that helps (to me it does when saying it all together to make sure it flows). Going crazy!!! :)