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Which name do you like best? Siblings are Molly and Sean. Father is Michael.
Baby boy name!
Hi gay's und girlz I was recently told I should rename my freebord page and that I don't deserve to have the name Freebord Switzerland for my page so I thought I'll ask everybody not just anybody I want you ;) We want an appropriate name for me and my crew because this page is a "sports team" located Kriens central Switzerland and not a business in case there is some confusion... please help me decide, I want to do nothing at all but if I hear anymore freebord politics I'll puke. so just choose and I'll go with the majority. Josh
Trying to pick a first name for our son due in June. Jeremiah Gerard is my fathers name we are hoping to use one of the two names as a middle name.
Hi! I am pregnant with my fourth baby... it is a 4th girl! My other daughter's names are Charlotte Madelyn, Vivienne Grace, and Alice Henrietta. As you can see, our name style is preppy and cute! We want all of our girls to have different first name letters. Thanks and please choose a name!
Which names for our first daughter due this summer would you pick?
Trying to decide on our 2nd little girls name. Older sister's name is Madelyn and we call her Maddie. Which name do you think sounds better with Maddie? Maddie and Avery or Maddie and Nora?
All Feedback Welcomed. Our last name is Stein. Do you think that having 1 syllable first and last name is an issue for the first option? Choose which you like best...THANKS!!!
Opinion Please
Please help us decide our little girls name.
Originally, I loved Emilia, but Amelia is so popular now. Our little girl could go by Emi. Is that enough to set her apart from the Amelias, or should we go with Emiliana?
Which baby girl name do you like best? Last name Farlow.
Which name do you like best?
what do you think about the boys name Arles?