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These Twins Do Everything Together

Andrea Springer, 22, and her twin sister, Ashlee Means, had a knack for doing things at the same time. But even they were floored when they found out that not only were they both pregnant and due on the same day -- January 1, 2005 -- but they were both having twin boys! "We couldn't stop laughing. It just seemed so unreal!" says Andrea. It's also highly unusual: According to their doctor, James Dopson, MD, at Northside Hospital, in Atlanta, the chance of twins delivering twins on the same day is about one in a million.

Although the twins live in different cities, they wanted to be together when their boys were born. So Ashlee and her 9-month-old son, Brison, flew from Indianapolis to Atlanta and stayed with Andrea, her husband, Nicolas, and their 2-year-old daughter, Candice, for the last three months of their pregnancies. (Ashlee's husband, Bert, joined them shortly before the delivery.)

By early December, Dr. Dopson decided that the women weren't going to make it to their original due date and scheduled a double C-section. So on December 14, the sisters kissed each other goodbye, then went into separate operating rooms. Ashlee gave birth to fraternal twin boys, Brent and Brian; Andrea had identical twin boys, Sean and Jean.

-- Loolwa Khazzoom

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