Top Comments You'll Hear as Parents of Twins

Babies Make Four

"Instant Family!"

Suppose in our fast-food/immediate gratification-driven society, these stranger-offered sound bytes are proffered as genuine compliments. Accept them as such. If you are bothered by their double-pregnancy-minimizing and twin-delivery-ignorant assessments, go on your way with your expedition exceeding the speed with which you acquired your "instant family"!

"You Are So Lucky!"

You will hear this, and hopefully often. When your double "blessing" feels more a yoke than a miracle, be grateful for the strangers who provide the reality-check reminder of the amazing gift that twins truly are.

Cheryl Lage is a full-time, fully fulfilled mom to fraternal twins Darren and Sarah. During twin-synchronous sleeping hours, she is the Web host of, a Web support site for new and expecting twin parents.

Originally published on, May 2006.

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