Parenting Twins: Questions About Life with Multiples

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Q. Do you want more kids? Are you done?

A. Yes, we're "done." We had always hoped to have two children; we just had no idea they would arrive within seven minutes of one another!

Many moms of same-sex twins find themselves very frustrated with this question; the question behind the question implication being that they need to "complete" their family by having a child (if they don't already) of the opposite gender. Again, try to be merciful with the ignorance of strangers. You and your partner dictate and define what "complete" is for your family.

Q. Do twins run in your family?

A. They didn't, but they do now!

The question behind the question: "Can you substantiate the statistics that twins indeed run in families?" The current belief is that identical twins occur fairly randomly. Fraternal twins do tend to run in families. Have fun doing some informal genealogical exploration. You may discover twins so distantly related they may not even "count," but enjoy looking. If you don't, excited relatives probably will.

Cheryl Lage is a full-time, fully fulfilled mom to fraternal twins Darren and Sarah. During twin-synchronous sleeping hours, she is the Web host of, a Web support site for new and expecting twin parents.

Originally published on, May 2006.

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