Parenting Twins: Questions About Life with Multiples

Twin Fertility Facts

Q. Were you on fertility drugs?

A. No ... well, not really. We had seen a fertility specialist and had taken a single rotation of the prescription drug Clomid since my period went AWOL for months after many years on the pill; but we were not undergoing official treatment. My obstetrician believes our twins occurred naturally, as a result of my "advanced maternal age."

More modest folk will take incredible offense at the personal nature of this question. The questions behind the question being: "Were you desperate for children? How much money did you spend to get them? Do you and your husband have reproductive issues making pregnancy 'naturally' an impossibility?" Get used to the fact that you will be asked. This is a question for which you may want to prepare an answer. Remember that your babies are a gift. It doesn't matter how you "got them"; you got them. Share information if you wish. You never know the intent behind the curiosity. You could unknowingly be providing hope, reassurance, or comfort.

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