Parenting Twins: A Dad's Perspective

Ever wonder what it's like to be the dad of twins? This dad offers his perspective, including some advice for all dads.

Paranoia and the Plural Pregnancy


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It's important to know, that as a man, you will lose the battle against too much information. Your wife will be busy cramming her brain with every wives' tale, urban myth, and Internet half-truth regarding twin pregnancies. You can tell her that people, for centuries, have given birth to twins, long before the invention of the Internet and Barnes & Noble, but that doesn't matter. Just keep reminding yourself that a multiple pregnancy is inherently risky and therefore brings with it twice the paranoia of a single pregnancy. And most importantly, that her irrational worrying comes from love. Then, after you remind yourself of this, unplug her computer.

Doctor, Doctor

Not being a woman and not being pregnant with twins, the man must realize that he has absolutely zero credibility on any medical matters with the mother-to-be. So as a man, remember that your best friend is the Doctors On-Call phone number. She'll never believe even the most commonsense, level-headed explanation of any pregnancy-related discomfort until she hears it from a doctor or a nurse. Just cut to the chase, dial the number, and hand her the phone. Because after all, can you really blame her?

Appointments & Tests for Two

These tests may be awkward, uncomfortable, and often, but you will need to have both Mom and Dad there because you need two sets of ears and two brains. My basic function was to counterbalance Cheryl's twin-induced paranoid state when talking with her doctor. In her overly cautious condition, she would filter out important words like maybe, might, could, possibly, and I doubt it. And besides, there is nothing more exciting at these appointments than hearing the heartbeats and seeing the first glimpse of the amazing duo growing in your wife's belly.

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