How Does She Do It? Raising Multiples!

Many a tear has been shed over getting one little baby on a schedule. But what about the moms of multiples who somehow manage to get their kids to be aligned to each other's eating and napping and bedtime routines? We asked the mothers of twins and triplets to share their tricks for getting through the day. Use their hard-won wisdom to help you with your one -- or your many.

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Team Work
"I have always trained my twins to look out for each other. If I gave one a sippy cup, or a cookie, I told him to take one to his brother as well. Now, they do it without being told. If one goes to get his shoes, he'll grab the other pair for his brother. If one goes to the fridge for an apple, he'll take two. It makes my life easier because I'm running around less and they've learned how to care for each other."
--Erin Vonder Bruegge, mom of twins St. Louis, Missouri

Unique Speak
"I always refer to my kids as individuals, not 'The Twins.' We do one-on-one 'dates,' when my husband takes one boy and I take the other. This shows them that we see them as two people, and that it's okay to be apart."
--Jennifer Crowley, mom of twins Lombard, Illinois

Smart Packing
"When we travel -- whether it's overnight or a week away, I put entire outfits in plastic bags. That way whenever I need an outfit I just grab a bag, instead of having to hunt through my suitcase for one-pieces, shorts, socks, and such for each baby."
--Lani Lyons, mother of triplets Orlando, Florida

Night Moves
"Once your babies have started sleeping through the night, if one of them cries and you're sure everything's okay, just let him be. The better sleeper will learn to sleep through the disturbance and the crier will learn that he won't get any attention -- soon you'll have two good sleepers."
--Angela Bass, mother of twins Blaine, Minnesota

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