A Pop Culture Baby Shower Party

For the truly hip mama, this is a baby shower theme with lots of panache.

The Theme

Forget the pastels and baby animals and go straight for her favorite cartoon, movie, band, or series.

  • You can go for a general pop culture theme or pick a particular niche, such as movies, Disney, or Nickelodeon. Decorate with movie posters, billboard ads, and other entertaining visuals.
  • Let your theme guide your food. If it's a movie, go for popcorn and other concession-stand favorites.
  • Movie theaters and video stores often use life-size freestanding cardboard displays. Ask if you can adopt one or two old ones for your party. Then set it up at the door as a greeter.
  • If you've got a small group, consider an evening party and show a favorite movie or some classic TV.
  • Ask guests to come in a costume of their favorite pop culture icon.
  • Have Trivial Pursuit cards around the party room.


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