An Around the Clock Baby Shower Party

Game: Beat the Clock

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Play time: 15 minutes

Players: All present

What you'll need

  • two dozen or so small objects, such as a thimble, a coin, a baby rattle, etc.
  • a tray big enough to hold 10 of the objects
  • a box or towel that can completely cover the objects on the tray
  • a timer

Before the party

  • Gather your objects. Be sure they are interesting shapes, but recognizable household items.

At the party

  • Arrange a tray with 10 of the items. Have guests sit where all can see the tray.
  • Set the timer for two minutes. Guests have that time to look at and try to memorize the items. No talking or note-taking allowed!
  • Cover the items. Hand out paper and pencils.
  • Ask the guests to write down as many of the items as they can remember. The one who remembers the most items wins.
  • If you have time and your group is enthusiastic, play best of three rounds, mixing up the items on the tray.

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