Planning a Baby Shower

Are you responsible for planning a baby shower? You're in the right place.Here we'll provide you with tips for picking a location, writing the guest list, choosing the theme, and more to get you party-ready in no time.

The Modern Baby Shower: 6 Things You Need to Know

Good news for mamas-to-be: Today's baby showers are less traditional and more focused on fun -- for you and your guests.

Baby Shower Ideas: Planning 101

Learn how to pull off the perfect party.

A Quick Etiquette Guide to Baby Celebrations

Get the lowdown on what's expected at these special (and emotional-filled) social events.

16 Perfect Baby Thank-You Notes

You're getting gorgeous gifts; make sure you send gorgeous thank-you notes to match.

Checklist: Planning the Perfect Shower

Hosting a shower? Get organized with this step-by-step print-out guide.

How to Plan a Baby Shower

Learn what it takes to pull off the ideal party for the mom-to-be and her new bundle of joy.

Baby Shower Ideas: How To Set Up A Onesie-Decorating Station

Learn to decorate onesies at your next baby shower. Watch as Parents lifestyle contributer Amanda Kingloff shows how to make this wearable craft.

Baby Shower Ideas For The Second Time Around

Don't know how to plan a party for the second (or third or fourth or fifteenth) time around? Here are a few ideas.

Baby Shower Ideas: How To Make Simple Decorations

How to Make Simple Decorations for a Baby ShowerInstead of a typical themed baby shower, make quick and easy decorations inspired by color.

Baby Shower Games: Baby Food Game

Test your taste buds with a baby food guessing game at your shower. The person who guesses the most flavors correctly gets a prize.

Baby Shower Games: Wooden Blocks

This baby shower craft will leave your guest of honor with plenty of decor for baby's nursery. The blocks are easy for anyone to make and will last a lifetime.

Second Baby Showers

Welcome a friend's second child with an understated party -- let's call it a "sprinkle." Try one of our easy plans.

Baby Shower Games: Baby Photo Game

Would anyone be able to guess what you looked like as a baby? Find out, and try to match everyone else with their baby photos, in this fun baby shower game.

Baby Shower Ideas: How To Make A Wishing Tree

Learn to make a wishing tree for Baby and mommy-to-be. Watch as Parents lifestyle contributer Amanda Kingloff shows how to make this baby shower activity.

Baby Shower Games: Rubber Ducks

Bring all of your baby shower guests up to the tub for an unforgettable duck race. All you need are some rubber ducks and several craft staples.

Baby Shower Games: Baby Animals

We all know that a baby cow is a calf, but what about a baby goose? Challenge your guests to match adult animals with their babies in this fast-paced and fun baby shower game.

Baby Shower Games: Baby Shower Bingo

If you are looking for an easy game that's sure to be a hit, baby shower bingo works well with any theme. In this version, guests try to predict which gifts from the registry Mom-to-be will open.

Baby Shower Games: Homemade Quilt

Create a homemade quilt that Baby will treasure forever. Each baby shower guest will love decorating her own fabric square.

Baby Shower Games: Star Onesies

Your guests will love decorating one-piece baby outfit for Mom-to-be's little star with this craft. It's a baby shower activity and present that Baby will enjoy.

Party Favors for Baby Showers

Great party favors help make a baby shower memorable. The key is to come up with something that is both creative and affordable.