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The mom-to-be is expecting a son, so here are some new and creative boy-themed games that are sure to be fun!

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Baby Shower Games: Word Scramble


Word Scramble

It's time to remember what it's like to be boy crazy!

What you need:

-- A printout of the scramble for each guest
-- Pens or pencils

How to play:

Come up with a list of boy-related words or phrases (think: baseball, race cars, jumping in puddles). Scramble the letters of each word, and then print your list (leave space for guests to write in the correct words).

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Baby Shower Games: Rubber Ducks

Bryan McCay

Rubber Ducky Race

Most boys are adrenaline junkies, so why not get a little racy at your shower?

What you need:

-- Two baby baths (ask two guests with kids to bring theirs)
-- A few rubber duckies
-- Ribbon

How to play:

Fill each tub with water and tie ribbon at the end of each one. Hand out rubber duckies to guests (use a waterproof marker to number them so they don't get mixed up). Guests will race their ducks from one end of the bath to the other, but they can't use their hands -- they can only blow on the ducks to keep them moving.

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Baby Shower Games: Baby Animals

Bryan McCay

Baby Animal Names

Guests will go ape over this guessing game that's fun at a jungle-themed shower.

What you need:

-- Printouts for each guest
-- Pen/Pencils

How to play:

Create a list of jungle animals with a blank spot after each one so that guests can write the name of the baby animal next to its mom's. Don't forget to include some hard ones, such as alligator (hatchling), beaver (kitten), raccoon (kit), and swan (cygnet).

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Peter Ardito

Pacifier Toss

Babies love to throw their Binkys around. Now adults get in on the action by playing this competition with a twist.

What you need:

-- A pacifier
-- A timer

How to play:

Have guests stand in a circle and take turns tossing the pacifier to each other. The person who catches it has 10 seconds to name a baby item -- without repeating one that's already been said. If you repeat an item, or don't call out an item in time, you're out of the game. The last person standing wins a door prize.

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Shannon Greer

Private Parts

Give guests a case of the giggles with this G-rated version of this "dirty" game.

What you need:

-- Chalkboard/Dry Erase Board
-- Chalk/Marker

How to play:

With the host in charge of the board, guests come up with amusing names for boys' private parts. Remember, this is supposed to be entertaining, but nothing too dirty!

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Alexandra Grablewski

Boy or Girl?

Celebs come up with some unusual monikers for their kids -- and it can be tricky to tell if their little one is a boy or a girl by name alone. Test your guests' celeb baby-name IQ with this lively game.

What you need:

-- Printouts for each guest
-- Pens/Pencils

How to play:

Come up with a list of unisex or unusual celebrity baby names, and leave space after each one so guests can decide if the child is male or female. Some suggestions include:

Ocean (boy; his dad is Forest Whitaker)
Moxie Crimefighter (girl; her dad is Penn Jillette)
Ikhyd (boy; his mom is MIA)
Ever (girl; her mom is Milla Jovovich)

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Alloy Photography/Veer

Oh, Boy!

Raising a son can be quite the adventure -- as guests will reveal to the mom-to-be!

What you need:

-- Pen
-- Paper

How to play:

Ask guests to share their funniest, most touching, or craziest moments raising their own boys (women without sons can tell a story about their brother's or husband's childhood). Lay it all out for the mom-to-be; she wants to hear about the time your little guy flushed his Hot Wheels down the toilet or tried to climb the Christmas tree. Each person can tell her story as the mom-to-be opens her gift.

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Peter Ardito

The Book Exchange

Instead of cards, guests are asked to bring a book for Baby but they don't reveal who brought which one -- this is a guessing game for the guest of honor.

How to play:

Each person brings a children's book that fits his or her personality, and the mom-to-be guesses who brought each book. Of course, she also gets to take home all of the books to read to her son.

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Juice Images/Veer

All About Boys

Let's hear it for the boys! This word game will have you thinking about only one thing.

What you need:

-- Chalkboard/Dry Erase Board
-- Chalk/Marker

How to play:

Guests call out as many words as possible that include "boy" (i.e. boycott, busboy, playboy, flamboyant, etc.) while the host or mom-to-be jots down their ideas.

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Corbis Photography/Veer

Movie Titles

Test your movie knowledge by coming up with some of Tinseltown?s best films that have "boy" in the title.

What you need:

-- Chalkboard or Dry Erase Board
-- Chalk or Marker

How to play:

Guests name Hollywood's best movies with "boy" in the title (About a Boy, Riding in Cars with Boys, Boys Don't Cry, For the Boys) while the host keeps track of their suggestions.

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