Baby Shower Games

It just wouldn't be a shower without a mix of silly baby shower games. Here you'll find the right party ideas to keep the laughs, sharing, and advice coming.

We Are Loving This Halloween-Themed Gender Reveal!

He or she? What will the little pumpkin be?

Here's a Family Gender Reveal Idea That Really Hits the Mark

If you're hoping to involve your family in an upcoming gender reveal, maybe the Fowler's idea will be on target with what you had in mind.

Festive Baby Shower Games

Fun baby shower games do exist! We consulted shower-planning pros (and got creative) to find the best baby shower games and activities around. Your guests will actually want to play them!

Baby Shower Games: Baby Food Game

Test your taste buds with a baby food guessing game at your shower. The person who guesses the most flavors correctly gets a prize.

Girl Baby Shower Games

Mom is expecting a daughter, so plan games that are fun for all the girls at the party. Think pink with these creative games for moms who are expecting a girl.

Boy Baby Shower Games

The mom-to-be is expecting a son, so here are some new and creative boy-themed games that are sure to be fun!

Baby Shower Games: Nursery Rhymes

For a little friendly competition, diivide into teams and find out who knows the most nursery rhymes at your baby shower. As a bonus. Mom-to-be will learn a few new tunes to help her soothe Baby when the time comes.

14 Kid-Friendly Baby Shower Games

It's a baby shower and everyone's invited -- even the little ones! Need baby shower ideas for the kids at the party? Play these fun and festive games with guests of all ages.

Baby Shower Games: Wooden Blocks

This baby shower craft will leave your guest of honor with plenty of decor for baby's nursery. The blocks are easy for anyone to make and will last a lifetime.

Baby Shower Games: Baby Photo Game

Would anyone be able to guess what you looked like as a baby? Find out, and try to match everyone else with their baby photos, in this fun baby shower game.

Baby Shower Games: Baby Shower Bingo

If you are looking for an easy game that's sure to be a hit, baby shower bingo works well with any theme. In this version, guests try to predict which gifts from the registry Mom-to-be will open.

Baby Shower Games: Homemade Quilt

Create a homemade quilt that Baby will treasure forever. Each baby shower guest will love decorating her own fabric square.

Baby Shower Games: Rubber Ducks

Bring all of your baby shower guests up to the tub for an unforgettable duck race. All you need are some rubber ducks and several craft staples.

Baby Shower Games: Baby Animals

We all know that a baby cow is a calf, but what about a baby goose? Challenge your guests to match adult animals with their babies in this fast-paced and fun baby shower game.

Baby Shower Games: Word Scramble

This baby shower game reveals which one of your guests has the best puzzle-solving skills. Whoever solves the word scramble first wins!

Baby Shower Games: Star Onesies

Your guests will love decorating one-piece baby outfit for Mom-to-be's little star with this craft. It's a baby shower activity and present that Baby will enjoy.