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How Can I Keep My Kids Safe?

What you can do to help protect your children from dangerous products:

  • Subscribe to the CPSC's e-mail alerts at
  • Always return registration cards that accompany toys and other children's products, so the manufacturer can reach you if the product is recalled.
  • Read the warnings and directions that accompany children's products carefully, and assemble products exactly according to instructions. Check for broken parts.
  • If you live outside of Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Arkansas, Louisiana, Rhode Island, New Jersey, or Vermont -- the only states that ban the sale of recalled products -- write to your state legislators to urge them to prohibit the sale of dangerous children's products.
  • Write to your senators and congressperson to urge them to step up oversight and strengthen the CPSC, or to the toy industry association to let it know you expect it to better police its products.

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