Health Update: Are Your Kids' Toys Causing Hearing Damage?

How to Play with Loud Toys Safely

Unfortunately, the kind of hearing loss that results from too-loud sounds usually won't show up in your child overnight -- in fact, it might not affect her until she reaches middle-age, says Djalilian. "But the damage is cumulative and starts early, so it's important that parents pay attention to their children's toys and make sure they play with them the right way." Here's what to do to keep your kid safe:

  • Whenever your kid gets a new toy, hold it up to your ears. If it makes them ring or hurt, it's most likely a damaging level of sound, says Djalilian.
  • Then play with the toy about a foot away from your ear. If the sound still makes you wince, your child shouldn't play with this toy unless you can lower the volume or take out the batteries.

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