Baby Safety Tips

You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your baby. Here you'll get tips and advice on how to keep your baby safe.

There's an Important Infant Bath Recall You Need to Know About

Summer Infant has announced a recall of its bath sling attachment for a popular bath tub model.

Summer Safety Tips for Baby

Splish, splash, slide! You're ready to introduce your child to the season's fun, but these carefree days can come with surprising risks for tots. Follow our stay-safe guide.

Child Travel Safety Tips

Ready, set, relax! Keep your kids safe on your next trip.

7 Surprising Baby Safety Mistakes You Might (Still) Be Making

September is National Baby Safety Month. Check out these surprising "don'ts" that many parents still do.

Nursery Safety Tips

Learn how to keep your baby safe and sound in the nursery.

Shopping Cart Safety

Is it safe for my baby to sit in the grocery store shopping cart?

How to Create a Safe Crib

Follow these steps to ensure a secure sleep haven.

How to Protect Your Curious Kid

Look closely: Each of these items has found its way into the nose, mouth, or ear of a child, often with harmful results. Will your kid be next?

Babyproofing Your Home from Top to Bottom

You'd be surprised at how easy it is for a baby to get into trouble. Create a safe place by babyproofing every room in your home.

Baby Bath Time Safety Tips

Make your baby's baths fun, safe, and stress-free with our tips.

Babyproofing 101: 10 Household Safety Hazards

You'll be shocked at the hidden dangers in your own home. Don't skip our checklist of 10 safety hazards that could be deadly.

4 Common Threats to Your Infant -- And How To Avoid Them!

He can't even crawl yet -- what are the chances your baby will have a serious accident? Unfortunately, they're higher than you'd think. Accidental death rates for babies under age 1 are twice as high as those for kids between 1 and 5. The good news is that with a little care and forethought, you can easily avoid most hazards. Try these tips to protect your child.

Too Many Babies Are Still Being Put to Bed Unsafely

A new study looks at the prevalence of unsafe sleep patterns that contribute to SIDS.

10 Hidden Health Hazards in Your Home

Some of the most serious hazards aren't outdoors--they're hiding in plain sight in even the most safety-minded households. Learn which unexpected items are risky, and take steps to avoid an accident.

When Can You Relax on Safety Rules?

You take every precaution with your baby or toddler -- but eventually, you've gotta take a deep breath, ditch the rules, and trust that your child will be just fine.

Lifting an Infant (6 months of age)

Must-know tips for safely lifting a 6 month old baby and advice on comfortable positions for holding a child this age.

The Complete Guide to Babyproofing

Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom, shows you how to babyproof your home, room by room.

Baby Sling Warning

Baby Gate Safety: How to Prevent Injuries

Baby gate injuries have quadrupled in a 10-year period, according to a new study by Nationwide Children's Hospital. Keep your little one safe with these tips on how to properly install gates in your home.

Winter Weather Safety Guide

The winter season is officially here, which means that snow, ice, wind, and cold can start freezing, chapping, and irritating your kids. Use our tips below to keep your children safe all season long.

Babyproofing Your Home: Kitchen

You probably know to keep knives away from your baby, but did you know that an average of one child every hour has a high chair-related injury? Follow these child safety tips to baby proof your kitchen and help keep your child safe while you prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Babyproofing Your Home: Crib

Suffocation and SIDS are the leading cause of accidental death in babies under 1 year old, yet many parents still put their babies to sleep in unsafe ways. Follow these child safety tips to baby proof your crib and help keep your child safe when you put her to sleep.

Every Parent Should See This Coroner's Warning About Nursing Pillows

Sleeping babies and nursing pillows can be a deadly combination.

Babyproofing Your Home: Living Room

Not only can it be tricky for crawling babies and toddlers to get around in a crowded living room, little ones can also be injured by heavy objects falling on them. Follow these child safety tips to baby proof your living room and help keep your child safe.

It Worked For Me: Safety Solutions

From the house to your car, there are so many safety hazards for your kids to avoid. Make life easier with these helpful solutions from readers.