Easy Ways to Protect Baby from the Sun

When you're heading to the beach or pool this summer keep these products and gear close by to protect your baby from the sun.

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Platypus Australia

Life Saver

Created by two moms, Platypus Australia is all about protecting babies and kids from the sun's harsh rays. The swimwear has UPF 50 but doesn't skimp on eye-catching details, like the purple buds on this one-piece. ($39)

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Avery Powell

Serious Screen

Powered by zinc oxide, all-natural cream from Badger Balm is certified as 94 percent organic. Not only are the plant-oils, like sunflower and jojoba, super moisturizing, but the lotion is also water resistant up to 40 minutes. (For ocean-goers: It's safe for sea life!) ($16)

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How to Keep Your Baby Comfortable in the Summer Heat

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Avery Powell


The standards for sunscreen Down Under are high. No wonder Blue Lizard Baby blocks both UVA and UVB rays and protects up to 80 minutes in still water. We like how the tube's cap turns blue when it's in the sun to remind you to reapply. ($13)

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MD Moms

Towel Off

Keep MD Moms Sunscreen Towelettes in your diaper bag at all times, and you'll always be ready to reapply sunscreen wherever you go. The wipes don't weigh as much as a bottle of sun lotion, so they're easy to cart around, leaving a mess-free way to cover Baby's sensitive skin with SPF 30 lotion. ($26)

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Cool Off

After a day spent under harsh rays, Mustela's hydrating spray will soothe his dry skin post sun exposure. ($15)

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Summer Infant

Shady Stroller

Another way to protect your baby's feet (and legs and arms) is by adding a shade, like the UPF 50 RayShade from Summer Infant, to your stroller's existing canopy. This one has nicely-concealed pockets to hold bottles or sippy cups and can be self-stowed in your diaper bag or stroller basket. ($18)

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Put a Lid on Them

Yes, it's hard to get a kid to keep a hat on his head, but you gotta try. It protects the scalp and face, two places where it's tough to get on sunscreen. The UPF 50 baby hats from Coolibar block 98 percent of UVA and UVB rays. ($25)

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Baby Care Basics: Baby Sunburn Treatment

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Nice & Shady

Deck Baby in a pair of Babiators. Rubber frames make these shades extra durable plus the lenses offer 100 percent UVA and UVB protection. For an extra $25, you can get polarized sunnies that help block glares from the sun. ($20)

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One Step Ahead

Feet First

With the rest of his skin to worry about, it's easy to forget those little feet when it comes to sun protection. If your baby kicks off shoes or balks at sandals, try Surf Socks from One Step Ahead. They feature a non-slip sole and toe cap and there is UPF 50 in the fabric. ($10)

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Snapper Rock

Cover Up

If you've got a young baby at the beach, put him in a sun-protective romper -- it takes away a lot of the worry and lets you focus your sunscreen application (and reapplication) on his extremities. We love the suits from Snapper Rock because they block 98 percent of all harmful rays. ($40)

Originally published in the May 2009 issue of American Baby magazine. Reviewed and updated 2014.

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