First Aid for Drowning

Safety at the Shore

Whether your family is visiting the beach or learning to sail this summer, don't overlook these important safety musts.

  • On boating trips, everyone should wear a life preserver that has been approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. Blowup floats and rings are not substitutes -- they can easily flip over or deflate.
  • Enroll kids 4 and older in a swimming class.
  • Teach your child to swim with a buddy at all times, even if he's in the water with a large group of children -- and adults.
  • Don't let kids jump or dive into a lake, pond, or river until an adult has checked the water's depth (it should be at least nine feet) and looked for underwater hazards that may be hard to see.
  • Never let a child swim near boats or fishermen. Always stay in supervised swimming areas within sight of a lifeguard.


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