First Aid for Drowning

Surprising Home Drowning Hazards

Did you know that a small child can drown in as little as one to two inches of water -- which is just enough to submerge her mouth and nose? Be sure to childproof these danger zones in your home and yard.


Never leave a child under 4 alone in the tub or near a running bath. A school-age child can bathe by himself -- but a parent should stay within earshot.

Baby bath seats or rings

Never leave your child unattended in a bath seat -- he could slip down into the water and get trapped underneath, or the ring could tip over.

Buckets and containers

A curious toddler can fall headfirst into a water-filled bucket and be unable to get out. Even a cooler filled with melting ice can be a drowning hazard. Always make sure to empty after use.

Toilet bowls

Keep toilet cover down and bathroom door closed at all times. Install a toilet-cover safety latch.

Diaper pails

Make sure the top of your diaper pail fits securely and can't be lifted off by small fingers.

Wading pools

Empty child-size pools after use and store on their sides.

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