Parents Report: Lead Astray

Rate Your Risk

If you answer yes to any of these questions, see "Poison Control."

  • Was your home built before 1978?
  • Have you recently renovated your older home or does it have peeling paint?
  • Does your child put items like jewelry, toys, or even dirt in her mouth?
  • Does your child regularly visit a structure built before 1978 (including a relative's home, daycare center, or preschool)?
  • Does your child play in soil near your home?
  • Do you live near a highway or an industrial source of lead such as a smelting plant?
  • Does your child have a friend with lead poisoning? (It's not contagious, but your child may have been exposed to lead while visiting the friend's home.)
  • Do you or another family member work with leaded material? (Those at high risk include welders, plumbers, x-ray technicians, metal miners, auto mechanics, jewelry makers, and stained-glass artists.)

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