Keep Your Kids' Food Free of Pesticides

The dangers of pesticides and how you can avoid them.


Pesticides are toxins that are mainly used to kill bugs, weeds, fungi, rodents, and other "pests." They are commonly used for lawn treatment and farming, but also exist in many home cleaning products.

These dangerous chemicals can sneak into our children's food and water. Short-term exposure to pesticides can cause headaches, dizziness, muscle twitching, weakness, tremors, coordination problems, uncontrolled eye movements, blurred vision, rashes, or seizures. Long-term exposure can do more serious damage, including irritation to the eyes and breathing passages, disorders of the brain and nerves, damage to the liver and kidneys, chromosome injury, infertility, damage to the immune system, and even cancer.

So how can you protect your child from pesticides? Here are the two main methods for keeping pesticides out of your child's food.

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