Teaching Respect for Fire

How to educate your kids on the dangers of fire.

Keeping matches and lighters out of your child's reach is only the start. Follow these pointers to make your kids fire-savvy.

  • When you're at a restaurant, ask your kids to point out the nearest exits. Quiz older children by having them find alternate exits.
  • If the smoke detectors go off while your family is staying at a hotel, you should never assume it's a false alarm. Act immediately, and reassure your children by saying, "This is probably nothing to worry about, but we're going to follow their fire-drill procedures just in case."
  • Schedule a tour of your local fire station.
  • Visit child-oriented fire-safety Web sites. Two good places to start are www.sparky.org and www.usfa.fema.gov/kids/.

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Copyright © 2000 Kathleen Ewald. Reprinted with permission from the November 2000 issue of Parents Magazine.

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