Fire Alarm: Protect Your Family from Fires

Admit it: You've never practiced a fire escape plan -- even though flames can engulf your home in minutes. Learn the steps that will keep your kids safe.

Why You Need a Plan

Every 80 seconds, a fire department responds to a home fire, and these emergencies aren't just frightening -- they can be fatal. Nearly 500 kids die in house fires each year, more than 1,600 are injured, and children under 5 are most vulnerable, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). While many fires are caused by cigarettes, space heaters, candles, or kids playing with matches, others are caused by hidden electrical problems.

The scary truth is that you're probably unprepared for a fire. Only one family in four has developed and practiced a fire evacuation plan. According to a survey by Liberty Mutual and the International Association of Fire Fighters, just 30 percent of people know that they should evacuate their home before calling the fire department, and 84 percent of parents don't talk about fire safety with their kids.

Parents Are Talking

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