Fire Safety

Dealing with a fire is alarming enough, but it's even scarier when you have a baby on board. Learn how to keep your child safe when there's smoke or fire with our fire safety tips, and more.

Fire Dangers and Safety Tips

Keep your home and family safe.

The Bottom Line on Urban Fire Safety

These city-parenting experts -- and authors and moms -- share research-tested advice for apartment building fire safety.

Foolproof Fire Safety

Simple guidelines for protecting your child indoors and out.

6 Holiday Safety Hazards

Protect your family and your home from these holiday dangers.

Room-By-Room Fire Prevention Guide

Is your home fire-safe? Use this checklist to make sure your home is free of hidden fire hazards.

Fire Alarm: Protect Your Family from Fires

Admit it: You've never practiced a fire escape plan -- even though flames can engulf your home in minutes. Learn the steps that will keep your kids safe.