Room-by-Room Safety Tips


  • Put latches on any accessible drawers that contain matches or sharp or pointy utensils such as knives.
  • Keep small appliances far back on the counter, and make sure the cords aren't dangling over the edge.
  • Put forks and knives in the dishwasher with the handles up and points down.
  • Keep appliances unplugged when they're not in use.
  • Place chairs and step stools away from counters and the stove, so your child can't climb up and then take a tumble.
  • Make sure your child's high chair is sturdy and has a seat belt with a crotch strap.
  • Use knob covers or stove shields to keep little hands from accidentally turning on the oven.
  • Use the stove's back burners instead of the front whenever possible, and make sure to turn all pot handles inward.
  • Remove any refrigerator magnets that are small enough to fit in a child's mouth and cause choking.
  • Avoid using tablecloths, since young children will typically tug on them and can pull hot food down on themselves.

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