Basic Babyproofing Made Simple

Family Rooms

Babyproofing Your Home: Living Room
Babyproofing Your Home: Living Room

  • Make sure your TV can't tip. Never place it on top of a unit with drawers -- a toddler may pull them out and attempt to climb, tipping everything over. If the TV is in an entertainment center, the whole unit should be secured to the wall with anti-tipping hardware. If you keep the TV on a stand, make sure it's specifically designed to hold a TV. Push the TV far back on the stand.
  • Keep wires out of reach. Use a covered power strip to keep your child away from them.
  • Walkers increase a baby's exposure to hazards. Use a stationary activity center when you need hands-free time, and you won't have to save your speed racer from, say, pulling down a tablecloth and everything on it.
  • Buckle your child into a baby swing; don't rely on the tray to hold her in it. And don't move a swing, bouncer, or activity center while the child is inside.
  • Stools tip. Don't sit a child on one until he knows the danger of sitting on a stool and pushing his feet against a counter.

Safe Spaces

Pressure-mounted gates (which won't put holes in your walls) are safe only in flat areas away from staircases. Gates are better looking than they used to be; try Summer Infant's Sure and Secure Deluxe Walk-Thru Gate ($60;

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