Preemie Complications

Blood Sugar Abnormalities

What causes blood sugar abnormalities? A newborn preemie's blood sugar may be either too low or too high. Low blood sugar is common soon after birth. High blood sugar is more common in babies who are getting most or all of their nutrition intravenously.

Are blood sugar abnormalities dangerous? If left untreated for a number of years, blood sugar fluctuations can lead to serious problems in baby's eyes, kidneys, nerves, gums and teeth, and blood vessels. However, once a baby is feeding regularly, blood sugar problems seldom recur. Blood sugar fluctuations in preemies do not indicate the development of diabetes later in life.

How are blood sugar abnormalities treated? Low blood sugar is treated by increasing baby's sugar intake, either by sugar water through an IV or by more frequent feedings. High blood sugar is treated by decreasing the sugar in IV fluids or by providing the baby with insulin.

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