Preemie Basics

Mom-to-Mom Advice on Preemies

Accept help! If a friend offers to watch your older children so that you can be in the hospital, or your neighbor wants to make you meals, or your mother wants to clean your house -- let them!
-- Katie Agate; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mom to Sawyer, born at 24 weeks

In those first days, I was in a state of disbelief, confusion, and denial. So I checked out every book on prematurity I could find in the library. It helped me realize that my son's premature birth was not my fault.
-- Holly Maudsley; Winnetka, California
Mom to Asher, born at 27 weeks

Don't get hung up on what's "normal" or whether your baby has "caught up." Forget the charts, ignore the books. What your baby is doing will be different, and that's okay.
-- Justine Zammit; Canoga Park, California
Mom to Joshua, born at 33 weeks

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