Make a Fun Window Treatment for the Nursery

The Curtain

Choose a lightweight fabric and a ribbon that complements it. Then measure and cut the fabric. It should be cut the length of the window and 4 inches larger than the desired width. Iron a double 1-inch hem on three sides of the fabric (each side and the bottom). Then use the iron-on material to adhere the fabric. You just place a strip of the iron-on material in between the double 1-inch hem and iron again. To attach the curtain to the rod, simply fold the fabric at the top and staple it right to the rod.

The final touch is the ribbon. Measure and cut the ribbon, allowing enough to drape down both sides and tie at the bottom. Staple the ribbon to the rod (at the center of the ribbon length) making sure that the ribbon is centered and even on either side. Add a small dowel to the bottom of the fabric (to give the curtain some weight), roll it up, and finally tie the bow or knot in the ribbon. Voila!

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