Modern Nursery Ideas

Get all the decor inspiration you'll need to transform your little one's space into the perfect modern nursery.

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Nursery Ideas: Design a Modern Nursery

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Courtesy of Stephanie Avey

Cool and Subdued

When Stephanie Avey set out to design the nursery, she didn't have much of a plan, but she knew that she wanted white furniture to go with her gray nursery. She added yellow and teal to the color palette and came up with this eclectic room for her baby son.

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Courtesy of Stephanie Avey

Clean Design

Avey created an art collage with prints and family photos above the changing table. The similar frames help create a cohesive look.

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Courtesy of Stephanie Avey

Mod Corner

The subtle design of the lampshade and the yellow owl make the nightstand visually interesting.

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Courtesy of Robin Anderson

Jungle Fun

Robin Anderson designed this animal-filled nursery with a modern feel. The yellow-and-white-striped ceiling is a fun touch.

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Courtesy of Robin Anderson

Pay Attention to Details

The long blue-and-white curtains complement the walls, and the changing pad cover matches the crib sheet.

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Courtesy of Shannon Wald

Blue Skies Ahead

Shannon Wald converted her husband's old office into this bright nursery. The room was inspired by a picture on Pinterest of a mobile with clouds and kites.

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Courtesy of Shannon Wald

Portable Bookshelf

The mod yellow elephant book holder is a cute addition to the nursing area.

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Courtesy of Shannon Wald

Friendly Flyers

The owl wall decals were a gift from baby Alexis's great-aunt and work well with the yellow clock. The bee costume on the door goes with the sunny outdoor theme.

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Courtesy of Christine Shankowsky

Quiet and Calming

Christine Shankowsky created an oasis for her little one that is beautiful and soothing in its simplicity.

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Courtesy of Christine Shankowsky

Cool Contrast

A white crib and the black-and-white artwork allow the patterned skirt and blanket to shine in this area.

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Courtesy of Christine Shankowsky

Reading Area

Shankowsky placed some great baby books in this cozy corner. The fluffy white rug and blue pillow make it an inviting space.

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Courtesy of Gabrielle Flowers Rader

Trendy Digs

Gabrielle Flowers Rader designed this gray and yellow nursery for her son Chad and now it's her favorite room! Flowers Rader painted the accent wall behind the crib in a popular chevron design that matches the nearby ottoman and pillow.

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Courtesy of Gabrielle Rader

Nursing Nook

The light gray tree and yellow birds on the wall have a perfect home in this nursery. Flowers Rader was a little hesitant to get the recliner in the beginning, but now she loves how it looks and feels.

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Courtesy of Gabrielle Rader

Cheery Changing Area

The bird art on the wall subtly brings the theme to this side of the nursery. The hints of yellow make this corner sunnier.

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Peter Ardito

Fun Design

The funky modern orange-and-white print on the crib sheet works well in a boy's or a girl's nursery.

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Peter Ardito

What a Hoot!

This adorable owl wall decor is sure to bring character to a neutral-colored room.

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Peter Ardito

Lighten Up

When you have something in a bold color, like this lamp, there's no need to get complicated. Place it on the nightstand for an instant transformation.

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