25+ Nursery Design Ideas

Great Wall Letter Sources

Many parents agonize over what to name their new baby -- or at the very least, they go through gallons of ink writing up lists and confabbing on favorites and "can't stands." Now that you've selected the perfect moniker for your little monkey, spelling it out on the wall of his or her nursery is a stylish accent to the room's decor. You can also use these hangable letters to spell out happy messages, such as love, laugh, sing, smile, and dance.

Catfish Bite
For the artistic child, you can't beat Catfish Bite's bright pieces with curlicued lettering.

Craft Cuts
This is a great source for basic wood letters that you can finish or paint to match the decor of your child's room.

Each letter in Tatutina's "bright" and "pastel" set is painted differently; some shine with stripes and dots, and others boast hearts, flowers, or stars.

Twelve Timbers
Specializing in simple and rustic typefaces, this company's wall letters add country charm.

The Well Appointed House
This Web site offers the largest selection of wall letter styles in a variety of colors and patterns.

-- Written by Joanna Smith

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