Gotta Have It: A Cute Bumper Alternative

Enjoy the, uh, fringe benefits of this creative crib accessory.

Babylicious Crib Fringe

To bumper or not to bumper? This is the question many moms ask when outfitting their newborn's crib. You've heard that cushier bedding is linked to SIDS (so that fluffy quilt is already out) but a bumper completes the room decor so perfectly. Can you have a have a cozy-cute bed for your baby without worrying yourself sick? Here's a new idea: Babylicious Crib Fringe.

The cool "fringe" (which looks like a string of mini flags) ties to the top of your crib rails, adding a hip, unexpected design element. Available in several color themes, the fringe is reversible and washable. Go old-school classic with the white embroidered, scallop-edge "Snow" fringe, or super mod with the stripes and circles of their "Islands" print. The two strings of fringe tie to just the long rails, so they don't interfere with a drop side. Just be sure to remove the fringe on your crib once junior can crawl, pull up, or stand.

Products from Babylicious, a Canadian company and celeb-favorite (hot daddy Hugh Jackman's a fan), are sold all over the U.S.

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