15 Colorful Items to Brighten Up Your Nursery

Pastels are so passe. Don't be afraid to bring on bright decor for your baby's nursery.

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Courtesy of Monte Design

Comfy Cube

Let your toddler recline in Monte Design's Cubino chair ($100). To order online, visit:

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Courtesy of Mobi

Bright Light

Mobi's Tykelight ($20) glows at night. For more information, visit:

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Courtesy of Nest

Dirty Secret

Toss clothes in Nest's Jax hamper ($68), which is made from organic cotton. To order online, visit:

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Courtesy of ducduc

Rockin' Out

Let baby take it easy on ducduc's Eddy rocker ($1,350). To order online, visit:

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Courtesy of Pretty Little Things by Lori Marie

Wise Friend

Baby will cuddle with the plush owl from Pretty Little Things by Lori Marie ($55). To order online, visit:

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Courtesy of Wee Gallery

Water World

Wee Gallery's Undersea Canvases ($60 for three) dress up the wall. To order online, visit:

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Courtesy of Lady Bug Art

Hanging Around

Hang clothes on Ladybug Art's Pretty Punk hangers ($36 for three). To order online, visit:

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Courtesy of Blabla

Knit Sidekick

Blabla's Mini-Barnabe ($31). To order online, visit:

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Courtesy of Oopsy Daisy

Flights of Fancy

Oopsy Daisy's Rachel Taylor owl prints ($54 each) are a hoot. For more information, visit:

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Courtesy of Pixel Organics

Rest Assured

Pixel Organics pillows ($38 each) are made with organic cotton and regenerated fiber fill. For a list of retailers, visit:

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Courtesy of Gustav Maxwell

Boxy Blanket

Gustav Maxwell's Mod Cube bedding ($370). For a list of retailers, visit:

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Courtesy of P'kolino

Drape Your Duds

P'kolino's clothes tree ($95). To order online, visit:

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Courtesy of Loom

Bin There, Stored That

Store toys in Loom's Pop bin ($48). To order online, visit:

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Courtesy of Giggle

Petered-Out Puppy

Giggle's Asleep/Awake Doorknob Puppy ($18). To order online, visit:

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Courtesy of Giggle

Stuck on Trucks

Baby can gaze upon Wallcandy Arts' Transport decals ($60 per kit).

Copyright © 2008. Used with permission from the February 2008 issue of American Baby magazine.

To order online, visit:

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