Gotta Have It: Kid-Cool Carpet Tiles

A kid-cool rug solution for your nursery.
La Fonda Del Sol Flor Collection

Courtesy of Flor

We've loved FLOR mix-n-match carpet tiles since forever. Those mod patterns -- stripes, jigsaw, even cow print -- look awesome in the living room. But what about baby's room?

If you're looking for mod style with a touch of whimsy, we love FLOR's new La Fonda del Sol line, inspired by iconic prints of textile designer Alexander Girard. Colorful, folk art-y images of the sun come in both small- and large-scale patterns. Go for all big, all small, mix them together, or combine them with solid tiles. The cool-tone Azul line looks great for boys, the orange and hot-pink heavy Mandarina works for girls. The greenish Verde works for either. And since none look babyish, this is a floor covering that will grow with your kid.

Here's the best part: Like all FLOR tiles, these pop up so you can wash them in the sink. Junior drops gum on the floor and ruins it? Thank goodness it's not wall to wall. Pop out the old and put in the new.

Each 6-tile carpet retails for $159.99.

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