New-Mom Sleep Survey

No Rest for the Weary

What we learned: Sixty-five percent of new moms don't nap when their baby naps.

What surprised us: First-time moms are more likely to snooze when babies sleep.

The first-timers deserve kudos; the fact that you've picked up such a smart habit so soon is surprising and impressive. The rest of you should follow their example. Maybe you're doing laundry or watching older kids. However, there's plenty of evidence that suggests if you don't snooze, you definitely lose. Even if you don't feel particularly tired, you're probably frustrated, emotional, and forgetful -- all signs of sleep deprivation, says Mindell. Plus, it makes parenting a new baby that much more stressful. Regardless of how crunched for time you feel, you can make time for sleep. Incidentally, you don't need a full hour to reap sleep's restorative benefits. A 20-minute nap can really help. Be sure to schedule naps for yourself -- and guarantee you'll get them by asking a friend or relative to come over and watch your baby while you nap.

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