7 New Mom Sleep-Saving Tips

Put Yourself in the Mood for Sleep

Tired as you are, it's not easy to doze on command. Gwen Haynes, of Bowie, Maryland, found that caring for a newborn who slept erratically threw her own clock off kilter. "I would be up at night watching reruns of old '70s shows and crying because my husband and Miles were asleep and I wasn't," she says. For a month, Miles would wake up just as Haynes was dozing off. This lousy phase passed -- as will yours, if you have one.

In the meantime, when sleep opportunities do come, give yourself extra help to relax. "Experiment with earplugs, an eye mask, or a white noise machine," Flett recommends. "Ask your partner to take the baby out for a stroll. Having them out of the house is way more relaxing than lying in bed wondering what they're doing."

When her son, Connor, was a newborn, Dana Berry, of Centennial, Colorado, hedged against ill-timed insomnia with high-thread-count sheets, room-darkening blinds, and a scented mist by Molton Brown. "I turned my bedroom into a sanctuary," she says.

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