7 New Mom Sleep-Saving Tips

Consider Other Rooming Options

Experts have long disagreed over where baby should sleep -- crib versus family bed, within or out of earshot, and so on. Don't count on a definitive verdict anytime soon. Instead, follow this rule of thumb: if your sleeping arrangement is keeping everybody up, try something else.

Sheri Allain, of Toronto, preserved her sleep by putting her daughter Layla's crib in a nursery, one floor below her bedroom. She awakened only when Layla's wails were loud enough to signal real distress. "Babies naturally cry during sleep," Allain says. "You don't always have to rush to them." Fans of this approach also say that a well-rested mom is probably a better mom during the day.

Jennifer Hunt, a co-sleeping mom, took a far different approach. "I haven't been deprived of sleep with either one of my children," says the Colorado Springs mom. Like all infants, her sons, Jackson and Creede, would wake up at night to eat. But, Hunt adds, "They didn't wake me up by crying, because they had an all-night buffet of breast milk right next to them." Sherry Feldberg's infant daughter, Lily, spends half the night in her crib and the rest in Mom's bed, where breastfeeding is more comfortable for both of them. "I'm not getting eight hours of sleep, but the arrangement is working," says Feldberg, who lives in Framingham, Massachusetts. "Having a king-size bed helps!"

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