Why We Love Being a Mom

Stronger Relationships

"One of the best things about being a mother is my new appreciation for my own mother, mother-in-law, and grandmothers. My mom and I have a new friendship now. I realize just how much she loved me as a child." -- Nikki Merritt, Greenville, SC

"I know the value of a true mother, and I value mine more. I now understand all the sacrifices she made and why she made them." -- Marlo Scott, Margate, FL

"Being a mom gave me a much greater appreciation of my own mom, who raised seven children. I keep thinking that if I am this busy with one, how did she manage with seven? Being a mother makes you more compassionate toward women in general, because it's a struggle to do it all these days." -- Donna Collins, Redwood City, CA

"I can't help but grin as I watch my husband jiggle to the Wiggles with 20-month-old Grace. She brings out the goofy part of him, which makes him even more endearing and sexy to me." -- Christine Collins, Honesdale, PA

"Nothing has made me fall in love with my husband more than seeing him sit on the floor and play with our son! The giggles that I hear from our son and the smile that I see on my husband's face melt my heart." -- Betsy Miller, Monticello, MN

"A completely new side of (my husband) emerged with the birth of our daughter. The stoic, macho man has become a virtual marshmallow when his daughter asks him for a hug. I love seeing his tender side." -- Jen Neely, Annapolis, MD

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