The World's Sweetest Baby Traditions


Bandyupadhyay family

Courtesy of Tiyash Bandyupadhyay

Tiyash Bandyupadhyay, mom to Asanshay, 5, and Utshaho, 2; Atlanta, Georgia

When each son started solids, we held a ceremony called Annaprasan. In India, the mom's brother gets the honor of serving the baby payesh (rice and milk, often boiled with sugar). We don't usually hold baby showers, so this is the first celebration with gifts. I'm fascinated with differences between Indian and American customs, which is part of why I started, a site about raising multicultural kids.

Like the Armenian tradition, we also present a baby with a tray of items, each representing qualities the baby might acquire as he grows. We added a tablet PC stylus pen because computers are so important. Our eldest chose that first. Grandparents can be funny at the Annaprasan! If they want the baby to pick a certain thing, such as money, they'll place it in an attractive spot. They try to rig it!

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